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I was twelve before I understood showgirls, elephants, and magicians and filmmakers were not common childhood companions. 

At ten I was running coffee for Fox Pictures as a production assistant.

At fourteen I rode horseback across California and Nevada for the Pony Express.


By eighteen I produced my first independent feature documentary.


My degree is a Master’s in life experience earned producing films, interviewing rockstars, writing screenplays, fundraising for nonprofits, and helping people tell their stories.


What’s yours?

Call The Mountains Down (official 4K)

Call The Mountains Down (official 4K) Lyrics: Call The Mountains Down Time without consequence is time not worth taking and life without confidence is life that you're living throw off weary somnolence, my bones, feel them shaking from such divine provenance is all this we're given The sun in your eyes and the weight of your burdens persist when you hide and you've shuttered the curtains all faded, the days when you'd barter and bargain now reap the poor weeds that have grown in your garden And I do know you and I have known you The road you're unwinding leads back to the thread of the path that our mothers and fathers have tread the songs that you sing aren't the songs of your home now reap what poor weeds in your garden have grown And I do know you and I have loved you time without consequence is time not worth taking mistakes and regrets are your own for the making throw off your old ways, it's far time you were waking your hearth won't be warm til your fire is blazing Call The Mountains Down ---------------------------------------- Devin Sinha on acoustic guitar, banjo, and lead vocals Wren on backing vocals Betsy Tinney on Cello Aaron Fishburn on upright bass Additional instrumentation performed by Dylan Fant CAST Young Man: Devin Sinha Astronaut: Maxwell Swet Father: James Pinto II Mother: Karen Ostheller Knight in Armor: Joe Meyer Wild West Cowgirl: Maria Rybakina Gutshall CREW Music: Devin Sinha Director: Collin Joseph Neal DP / MoVI Operator / Editor: Sam Nuttmann Writer / Producer: Erin Neal Producer: Dustin LaBrasseur Assistant Director: Danielle Sparks 1st AC / Aerial Photography: Garrett Devin Meyers Visual Effects Artist: Maxwell Swet CGI Artist / Production Design / Props: Phillip Poling Roto Artist: Josiah Poling Hair / Makeup: Talitha Vanzo Makeup Assistant: Lorne Sanford Lighting Technician: Richard A. Williams Stunts / Fight Coordinator: Bob Macdougall Costume: Tae LaBrasseur Storyboard Artist: Tyler Arns Production Assistant: Thor LaBrasseur Set Photographer: Micah Swet / Rachel Poling Wild West Consultant: Mary Dawn Wild West Weapons Expert: Chad Hawthorne Medieval Times Consultant: Douglas Herring Horse Wrangler / Trainer: Chuck Davenport SPECIAL THANKS Tieneke Doornenbal, Vander and Hans Hoek, Alise La'Ren, Carolyn Parker, Greg Gutshall Jr., Robert Speewack Bojorquez, Landon Salyer , Lorraine Montez, Kim McCoy, Eric M. Reeves, Michael Hanscom, Don Glover, Shannon Burckhard, Seattle Knights, Michele Englehart, Forrest Campbell, Dameon Willich, Karina Nolan, Kristin Mowat, Tammy Lanphere Oommen, Dee Chartier GEAR • Freefly MoVI M15 * Alexa Mini • Leica R lenses + Seamless follow focus gears • Cmotion Cvolution Lens Control • Teradek Bolt 2000 + Sidekick • SmallHD 502 / DP7 monitors • Inovativ Scout 37 cart • Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom matte box MORE INFO
Wasteland Legends - Behind The Scenes

Wasteland Legends - Behind The Scenes

A behind-the-scenes look at how the short film "Wasteland Legends" was created. INTERVIEWS SAM NUTTMANN: Director of Photography / MōVI Operator COLLIN JOSEPH NEAL: Director RYAN HICKS: Assistant Director MAXWELL SWET: Stunt Coordinator CAR GUYS: Dee Vyper, Troy McClure, Bill Brown, Dean Moreland, Michael Hughes, Chris Fricke CREW BEHIND-THE-SCENES CAMERA OPERATOR: Corey Koniniec / Micah Swet EDITOR: Sam Nuttmann Starring Jesse LaTourette - Jo Erin Neal - Mary Curtis McGann - Emil/Feral Boy Ronee Collins - Blood Raven Dee Vyper - Arcadian Michael Hughes - Axel Mort Chris Fricke - Ketchum Jack Dean Moreland - Skinner Bill Brown - Driver/Emil Double Troy McClure - Berserker Jo Voice Over - Colleen Carey Executive Producers Collin and Erin Neal CREW Unit Production Manager / Producer /Makeup Assist - Rachel Poling Assistant Director / Production Coordinator - Ryan Hicks Director - Collin Joseph Neal Director of Photography / MOVI Operator - Sam Nuttmann Writer / Sound Engineer - Rick Reynolds Story By - Collin Joseph Neal and Rick Reynolds Voice Over Story Piece - Dee Vyper and Troy McClure Editor / Visual Effects Artist / Fight / Stunt Choreographer - Maxwell Swet Colorist - Jason Vo Production Design / Props Master / Costumer - Phillip Poling Costume Consultant - Tae LaBrasseur Does Designer / Weapons Specialist - Bryce Johnson Set Dressing / Western Props - Mary Dawn Special Effects Makeup Artist / Hairstylist - Talitha Vanzo Sound Mixer / Boom Operator - Josiah Poling Composer - Matthew Paul Menovcik Behind the Scenes Photographer - Micah Swet Behind the Scenes Videographer - Corey Konniniec Catering - Sean Wright 1st Assistant Camera / Aerial Camera Operator - Garrett Devin Meyers Aerial Cinematographer - Jeremiah Kaynor Director's Assistant - Annie Poling Production Assistant - Colbi Neal Car Owners / Builders / Fabricators / Drivers XA Bat Build - Dee Vyper, Troy McClure and Mad Max Cars Chief of Modifications/Murdercedes - Rod Brown Interceptor Build - Bill Brown & Mad Max Cars Dodge Daytona Build - Chris Fricke Metal Work for Mad Max Cars on Interceptor & Red XA Bat - Pauly Perl Special Thanks "Dave Hannas, LeeAnn and Brett Blankenship, Steve Sullivan, Jan Sullivan, Clara Mcquary, Gary Vierra, McGregor Land & Livestock, Jon the RV Driver, Jennifer VanTine, Alex McGregor, Bill Brown, Chelle Denise and Chris Frickeare all part of Dauntless eXpress Corp Wasteland Tribe, Teresa and Kara from the Washington Park Rangers Office in Washtucna, The Town of Washtucna, Washington, Wayne and Cynthia Johnstone, Drew Atherton and Sonny's Tavern with Vera Evans and Ron Ackles." Production Companies Production Faith vs Fate Productions Co-Producer Motion State Co-Producer Rogue Zohu Productions Co-Producer Flaming Pixel Productions Co-Producer Black Collar Productions Co-Producer Mad Max Cars Co-Producer 7 Sisters Petroleum Co-Producer Dauntless eXpress Corp Wasteland Tribe GEAR CAMERA: Blackmagic Production 4K LENSES: Leica R + Seamless Lens Gears + Leitax EF mounts GIMBAL: Freefly MōVI M15 HANDHELD SYSTEM: Redrock Micro + 1A Tools WIRELESS VIDEO SYSTEM: Teradek Bolt 2000 + Sidekick WIRELESS LENS CONTROL: Redrock Microremote + Thumbwheel MONITORS: SmallHD 502 + Sidefinder / SmallHD DP7 MATTE BOX: Bright Tangerine CAMERA CART: Inovativ MORE INFO: FILM | MUSIC | VISION Be more than just the audience. Become part of the family. FAITH VS FATE PRODUCTIONS
Seattle Time Machine - MARTY (4K)

Seattle Time Machine - MARTY (4K)

The Seattle Time Machine is a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 that has been modified to be a screen accurate replica of the iconic car from the Back to the Future films. Featuring light and sound effects, this car is sure to give your guests something to remember far into the future. Special Thanks To all our CAST AND CREW Collin Joseph Neal - Director, Writer, Producer Erin Neal - Writer, Line Producer Shirley Roberts - Executive Producer Leslie Sedlak - Executive Producer Dave Kane - Executive Producer Nathanial Helligso - 1ST Assistant Director Matt Menovcik - Music Composer Ryan Hicks - Catering David Burns - Cinematographer Javier Caceres - Key Grip Richard A. Williams - Gaffer Shannon Burckhard - Actress 1, Marty Shelby Ford - Actress 2, Jennifer Rick Reynolds - Audio Mixer / Boom Operator / Sound Engineer A.j. Salvador - 1st AC Scott C. Brown - Voice Over Talent Gabe Conroy / Cinesaurus - VFX Ronnue McThomas - Film and Media Student Suzanne Gugger - SCC Locations Manager Ron Norimatsu - SCC Facilities Supervisor Ronnue McThomas - SCC Locations Assistant Ashley Pearce - SCC Food Waivers Eric Johnson and Allison Kertesz - ProStar Insurance Susan Smith - SCC Catering Exemption Mary Reidy, Brett Abernethy, Dan Eernissee - Shoreview Park Tony Doupe - Shoreline Film Office James Shultz - Guitar Store Melissa Baldauf - TCM Talent Jaan Wippich - Production Assistant Jonathan Holbrook - Assistant Locations Coordinator Angela DiMarco - Assistant Locations Coordinator FILM | MUSIC | VISION Be more than just the audience. Become part of the family. FAITH VS FATE PRODUCTIONS