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Thank You Single Parents

You forget how much effort it takes to care for another person, as well as yourself, when it’s not a team effort. Recently, my husband has been in LA to pursue work opportunities. It’s a risk, and I really wanted him to go. But that meant that, while I still have Grandparents nearby, I would have to do a lot of things everyday that we had previously shared.

I have zero room to talk. I still have my husband and I know that, even with my daughters struggles in the beginning, I have ALWAYS had help. Sometimes in friends, sometimes in family, there has never been a short supply of people who were willing to help us with our kid. I've been blessed, and I know that while my stint as a single parent is fleeting. But that last month has shown me a great many things.

My Mom, me, and Tiny Human

I have grown to appreciate my mom and parents like her so much more than I ever did before.

I knew. I always knew, because my mom did not have that support. She did so much on her own that I only now understand how difficult it must have been. She managed to get me ballet lessons and my soccer cleats. She told me recently that she washed the mirrors of the ballet studio in trade for my classes.

Thank you for getting the kids up in the morning and ready for school. Thank you for working all day then beating it home to get dinner ready. Thank you for brushing hair, checking home-work, and setting down the work to play. Thank you for making it seem easy, and taking the kids on adventures. Thank you for washing clothes and picking up toys and finding time to get to the store to buy new socks.

And thank you, to every single parent who washes studio walls so their child can dance.

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