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Rites & Desires: Book Review

Because I work in a creative industry, I know a lot of writers. In full disclosure, I was given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. And because I adore Amanda, I was eager to get my advanced copy and dive in.

Rites & Desires is the first book by author Amanda Cherry following Ruby Killingsworth, an enchanting music mogul who doesn’t always play by the rules. Without access to her magic, Ruby is forced to go to extreme lengths to influence her neighbors and regain her power. Things take a turn when she finds herself compromising her moral center to realize her goal of wining the heart of Cobalt City’s very own superhero, Stardust. More remarkable when she realizes that she may have found herself in the predicament of actually caring.

It’s always a bit surprising to realize that you’re following the villain, more so when you realize you care about them. Ruby is a delightful rogue, equal to any Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne, as she simultaneously builds and breaks her community through her exploits to regain her magic. She’s a billionaire, but she worked her ginger little tail off to get there. It’s through her journey to recover her magic that you realize that while Ruby may be a “wicked fairy tale queen,” there is a depth to her that very few get a chance to experience. With Ruby Killingsworth, Rites & Desires gives us a complex female driven story where the reader gets to see both sides of good, both sides of a villain.

The book is fresh take on the classic superhero-villain dynamic in a new universe that I'm excited to explore more. Rites & Desires will be available on Kindle soon, and you can place a pre-order on Amazon.

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