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Movie Road Trip Through America - Day 1

May 6, 2022

We are off on a new adventure.

Cancer took its toll on our family. And with nothing really holding us in Spokane, the plan is to move forward and see what happens. We have sold everything we own. Well, almost everything. We have booked a beachfront Airbnb in Waldport, OR for the duration of May.

For the moment… we have packed what we have left into our 2 vehicles, along with the kids and our dog, Ellie. Tinyhuman will ride with daddy and I’ll take HQ and Ellie with me. It was sad to say goodbye to friends, family, and our sweet little town.

Who knows. Maybe we’ll come back, maybe we won't.

But our unplanned road trip starts now. Wherever we go from here, it will be an adventure.


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