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Jurassic World : Are You Not Entertained?

Jurassic World is sexy. Weird, I know, but that might just be the most appropriate thing to say about it. It hits on all the marks it is supposed to as a film: be entertaining, give us something we haven't seen before, give us a good story with relatable (read:believable) characters, make us feel something. It's pretty hard for every film out there to manage this, but Jurassic World did. Jurassic World brought in $82 million on it's opening day domestically, double what Mad Max: Fury Road was able to achieve. With the absolute catastrophes at the box office over the last year, those numbers signal that people are seeing this film in high numbers- and it's looks like it will be continuing that trend. One of the reasons that previous box office smashes like Spiderman (the original please don't bother me about the new one) Slumdog Millionaire and My Big Fat Greek Wedding did so well is because people went to see them more than once. I was a teen when the Tobey Maguire Spiderman came out. Our local theater had it on 6 screens at once, playing every hour on the hour. You do that math. And yet, with all these successful movies following a similar set of rules, people were both surprised at the success of Jurassic World and enraged. I hear the haters crying about it. The GCI isn't real enough. Or Theres too much nostalgic throw back for me. My personal favorite: Colin Trevorrow ruined my childhood. To that I say, unless you're Tim Murphy, QUIT YOUR BITCHING. As of this writing, Jurassic World has raked in over $208 Million. So either you haters are full of it, or you actually did enjoy the movie and paid to see it multiple times. In a theater. I know I did. I know my husband did, and our friends did. This movie was a blast to watch, the poster is on our favorites wall and I plan on getting it for my husband for Christmas. Just remember something the next time a blockbuster comes out and is hugely successful (or an epic failure), ask yourself the Gladiator question: Are you not entertained?

UPDATE: 9/28/15 We are approaching the four month mark. FOUR. MONTHS. $1.6 BILLION World Wide. You haters are something else

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