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Celebrating Mothers

Sometimes, Mother’s Day is reduced to a flower delivery and whatever sparkly our consumer nation is peddling at the time. I may be in the minority, because while I love fresh cut flowers and chocolate, I don’t need them to celebrate being a mom. Once upon a time, I actually had nothing to give my own mom other than some pretty words, and I won a contest for them.

Now, as a mom myself, my view on mothers and particularly my own has changed quite a bit. I’m still every bit as grateful for everything she has done and still does. But more than that I am quite simply floored by her. I can’t fathom how she did what she did and still manages to have a smile. She was a single mom with a 4 year old and a new born for my earliest memories. How does a mom with two small kids make ends meet and still have the energy to think about the future? But she did.

She’s not alone. There are perhaps thousands of single mom’s in my own city. There are stay at home mom’s who have a spouse- but also have three kids under five and are at their wits end. There are work at home moms and go to the office moms. All of them still manage to care for their kids.

We like to judge. There is a thousand different ways to parent and no way is right or wrong. If you’re kid gets a lot of screen time, it’s not the end of the world. If they get not a minute of screen time, also not the end of the world (though I really must learn your secrets Mommy Wan Kenobi). Full organic homemade meals or drive through- the kid’s still fed.

The point is this: Be the best mom you already are. Don’t compare yourself to others, and certainly don’t let others tell you what you’re doing wrong. Take it as you will, but know that no one but you knows the absolute truth about what’s going on inside your home and parenting challenges.

I’d like us all to take a moment and tell a mom thank you. My sisters who are wonderful examples of moms I'd like to emulate. My friends who have taught me the "tricks of the trade" and made me a better mom. My mom who raised me with courage and love. My mother in law who has a generous heart of gold for me like her own daughter.

Thank a mom. If it’s your own, make sure to call her and say how much you appreciate her. If it’s a friend, send her a text to say you see her and all she does. Take the small breath of time to thank a mom today.

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